10 Reasons Why You Need A VPN

10 Reasons Why You Need A VPN


Nowadays we spend a good chunk of our time online every day. With the increasing number of cybercriminals and over control government agencies all over the world, privacy is becoming a cherished commodity gradually.

Virtual Private Network, or VPNs, allow you to regain some of your anonymity and add a much-needed coat of encryption to your online life. If you’re not convinced, here’s a short list of 10 reasons for why you should use a VPN.

You deserve your online security.

Security from the public Wi-Fi  hotspot

 Public Wi-Fi is widely used by people in public areas, such as airports, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and malls. However, it is notoriously dangerous for being too fragile to prevent hacks. And you can not find it out until it’s too late.

It’s essential to use a VPN whenever you get online. A VPN will encrypt your data and thus protect you traffic security.

To hide identity and regain anonymity online

While surfing on Internet have you ever wondered that you could be tracked by all the web pages or websites visited by you? Well, it is quite an obvious term. Besides, several unscrupulous online users can hack into your system and steal your personal information without your knowledge. VPN is one of the best solutions to get rid of such situations.

To bypass your country’s surveillance

News always tells that governments are unwinding the privacy protection policies, such as USA and Netherlands. The government now hold a much more regulated Internet than ever before. Agencies and ISPs can get your personal information and even sell them to third parties without informing you. By using a VPN, your information and identity are encrypted to bypass governments’ surveillance.

To access restricted websites

You might have experienced the restricted network in college, school or workplaces premises where certain websites keep blocked, like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and more. You can use a VPN to bypass restricted network as this will pass the restrictions and encrypt your browsing data by keeping it private.

To access restricted resources

Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Kodi add-ons, BBC iPlayer and even some famous sporting events…… all of the streaming media resources are restricted by geo-location. With a good VPN, you can get around these geo-restrictions easily by selecting the corresponding VPN server.

To secure your uploads to the cloud

We always upload and download data from a remote working or study. Your data can simply be exposed. By using a VPN, your information and data are encrypted when you uploading, you can secure the uploads to the cloud.

To stop advertisers from tracking on you

Big cooperations like Facebook, Google, Amazon are keeping logs on your online activity with the intention of serving you more tailored ads. In order to prevent giants like Amazon from learning everything, there is to know about your online habits, use a VPN to change your perceived IP.

To keep your search logs away from search engines

It is obvious that your search engines are tracking and storing every search history that you perform.

For torrents sharing

A VPN can be a P2P user’s best friend. While a VPN connection will slow your bandwidth by 25% – 50%, it will cipher your file downloads, uploads, and actual IP address so that you are unidentifiable by authorities. If you are a file sharer and do not wish to risk copyright prosecution or civil lawsuits, definitely consider spending 10 dollars a month on a good VPN. The privacy and protection from surveillance are definitely worth it.

For extra digital security

A VPN can help avoid data theft by reducing the likelihood you or employees will become targets. Their anonymous connections and encrypted data will likely go unnoticed, especially compared to an easily intercepted regular connection.

There is a ton of reasons to get a VPN. But at the end of the article, it really is all about one thing – making your online experience more enjoyable.

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