Free VPN vs. Paid VPN

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN

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Now you have known how to choose the appropriate VPN for yourself. 

Today we will do some comparison: Free VPNs and Paid VPNs. And introduce our best free & premium X-VPN to you!

I believe everyone has been warned of free things that “If you are not paying for the product, then YOU ARE THE PRODUCT.” Sometimes it does make sense.

What do a free VPN and paid VPN offer?

1. VPN Protocols

Most free VPN services provide only PPTP protocols. And we should know already that PPTP protocol is proved insecure. Paid VPN provides a far great level of security than free VPNs. They allow you to use PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, SSTP and even SSH to tunnel your connections securely.

2.VPN connection speed

Free means that it is already overwhelmed by other folks seeding for free lunch. But bandwidth costs much to keep up and it’s not cheap to provide a VPN server to support hundreds. Providers’ lack of money ( for he provides free service with no income) would result in a lack of bandwidth. 

3.VPN servers/nodes location

More servers mean more money to spend. How can free VPN providers give you access to 1500 servers in over 20 countries when he gets nothing back? The reason for free is because some company is selling your data in order to keep up it services. So huge compromise is being made.


Support comes at a cost. If you really expect someone to spend his time on free solving your connection problem, then you are going to have a bad time. Such free vs. paid software model, support is one of those things you pay for. When you choose a paid VPN service, you can have someone to answer your questions and do his job, while free services are usually provided “as it is”.

5.Privacy & Security

Often some free VPN providers will collect your personal/usage data and sell it to third parties, or even worse, insert java or scripts into your computer for advertising in order to make money. We have to admit that there are a small number of companies doing so.

Maybe someone will say by now: No free VPNs are reliable. But if you are not that concerned about your privacy or you are a very light Internet user. In most cases, you can use a free VPN to test what it is like to use a VPN. Then the free VPN service does make sense for you.


What does X-VPN offer?

X-VPN is run by a group of super professional and super passionate youngsters. We are dedicated to doing something different and outstanding. And we were, are and will always do all our best to provide satisfying VPN services. Our mission is to make the Internet a safer place.

We offered up to 7 available protocols and EVERYONE can choose freely no matter free or premium users.

Every user can have at least 50 server locations all around the world, which are enough for daily use.

We are confident that even the free X-VPN can offer you the same with what you buy from other VPN providers.

THE ONLY DIFFERENCE between Premium and Free users is the former have more available VPN servers (more than 40) and enjoy faster speed, for we should guarantee our paid premium customers the high level of services that they paid for, and we make 100% of our revenue from paid premium subscriptions and investments. This is how we can continue to work a better Internet for more people.

What’s more, we will not and cannot give away your personal data to authorities or sell it to any third parties since it’s not stored in the first place. We will never compromise your privacy and security. Because our mission is to make the Internet a safer place for users and not compromising their rights for our benefits.

In Brief

X-VPN treats everyone as our most valued customer. And we were, are and will always do all our best to provide satisfying VPN services. 

Give your suggestions to be better service !