How To Protect Your Online Data from ISPs?

How To Protect Your Online Data from ISPs?


Even ISPs can always do a lot of things more than you know, lots of people are still astonished by the news that the USA Congress shutting down FCC’s privacy rules this April. It means that your Internet Service Providers (ISP) now can sell connection information to third parties without informing you. Now it grows more important than ever for users to pay more attention to their online behavior.

These tips aim to protect your online privacy from your ISP.

1.Keep sensitive information off the web

Unfortunately, there is no definite way to guarantee complete privacy anywhere on the internet, so the best and first strategy for you is to keep sensitive information off the web in the first place whenever possible.


What you need to do is encrypt your connection. One of the easiest but effective ways is using a VPN. In terms of choosing a VPN, We have covered the article 5 things to consider when choosing a good VPN, you can have a look at a better decision.

VPN creates a secure, encrypted connection between your device (computer, phone, and tablet etc.) and a private server. That prevents others from spying on your traffic and invading your privacy. Once connected to a VPN, your connection will be secured, fast and stable. Neither the ISPs nor hackers are able to snoop through your traffic.

3.Disable or clear cookies

Cookies are tiny bits of data stored locally on a device when you visit certain websites. They keep your previous logging information and thus allow the page to load quicker the next time you visit or to tailor the page specifically to you.

Although cookies are designed to make your browsing experiences speedy and convenient, it also tells clearly of who you are, where you have been and what you have done before.

4.Keep the good using habit

Remember to log out of your accounts. Sign out of your email, social media, and online shopping whenever you’re done. Browsers now always keep accounts, usernames, and passwords. In case you lost or using public devices, do log out whenever you’re done.

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