How to Protect Your Online Data

How to Protect Your Online Data

More than two million customers have had lost their data when shopping online

a video games and second gadget retailer said in an interview.

How Does the Stealing Happen?

An anonymous third party which doesn’t have the authority to access the database had hacked the company’s account holder data and affected all customers by sending an email containing a process instruction. However, the hacker won’t agree that the customers had been affected by the guidance. The credit card information stolen has all expired and it aroused curiosity that people would make effort to steal the expired information from the business.

What We Know About the Issue?

As a big famous retailer, Cex owns over 300 stores across the UK and runs an online shopping store-

It was working with the police to follow the breach. According to the company, customers’ data including names, email addresses, physical addresses, credit card information as well as their phone numbers have been stolen during their shopping online. Customers have been told to change their online store password, especially if they would use the same password on other websites.

How to Protect Your Online Data?

The best way to prevent things like this happening again is to create a safe online environment. VPN can help to make it come true. With a set of protocols, VPN is not only able to offer the fast internet speed, but also the most secure and private online condition. You don’t have to worry about your personal data will be collected when using it because some VPN doesn’t keep logs and it provides users with various locations all over the world and you may change any location as you wish. VPN for iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android, and Windows are all available on the official website and the online app store.

In Brief

Worrying about your online shopping security?  Installing a VPN is your optimal choice to create a safe environment. Download now for all your devices at the lowest price.

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