Which VPN Should I Use on My Mac?

Which VPN Should I Use on My Mac?

This age-old question continues to be one of the more difficult aspects of VPN discussions. There are literally hundreds of VPN providers out there, but deciphering which to choose is one the most difficult challenges.

With the increasing number of hacker activities, discussions around VPNs will continue to occur so long as security is still at the forefront of user’s minds. 

There are ways provided by your computer or router servers to set up a VPN for yourself, but you also want a blazing fast VPN that protects your privacy when you are at public places and using a public Wifi, an account that can share with all of your devices easily is essential.

If you want to connect your iPhone or Mac to a VPN, your best bet is to use a third-party client that makes everything as easy as pushing a button.

Here I must say that almost nothing is as easy as X-VPN. X-VPN provides VPN service for your Mac, Windows, Android devices and iPhone.  Just like its simple but stylish logo, the interface of X-VPN also adheres to the principle of simple and practical.

If you want the best VPN for your Mac, X-VPN provides you with a perfect choice.  With no logs, AES 256-bit bank-grade encryption, up to 7 protocols to choose, 7/24 customer support, X-VPN provides a high-quality user experience for your Apple devices.

If you want a free VPN for your Mac, X-VPN fits you perfectly too. We promise free version without any cost. And you can enjoy almost all the functions and services with premium users, except for fewer servers and a data cap per month.

How to Connect You Mac to X-VPN?

  1. Download X-VPN desktop client and register your unique account on http://xvpn.io 
  2. Install X-VPN on your computer. Please allow the request for permission to make changes this step.
  3. Launch X-VPN for Mac and log in.
  4. Click “Connect”
  5. Then your Mac is encrypted and secured with X-VPN. 

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