How to Get Telegram in Iran?

How to Get Telegram in Iran?


Telegram is a messaging app that has become hugely popular in the last few months, especially with those in the cybersecurity community. available for both iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows.

Why do people love Telegram?

The encryption counts a lot in people’s devotion to it, especially in Middle East countries where people hold a skeptical attitude towards their government and ISPs.

Compared with some of its competitors such as Facebook Messager, Telegram goes far ahead in terms of security for its users. It offers end-to-end encrypted messaging in a well put together messenger app.  And what’s more, it has a self-destruct timer for secret chats and no trace left on any servers is guaranteed.

Thus for people who live under strict media censorship, Telegram provides a fantastic way to keep their privacy and freedom. (Even though there are security professionals who wonder why Telegram uses their own encryption protocol that has not been proven to be safe like other more well-established protocols.)

Why did Iran Ban Telegram?

Today about half of Iran’s roughly 80 million population use Telegram to communicate as well as for business and entertainment purposes.

“Considering various complaints against Telegram social networking app by Iranian citizens, and based on the demand of security organizations for confronting the illegal activities of Telegram, the judiciary has banned its usage in Iran.”

Iran State TV

According to Iranians on Twitter users, communicating without censorship is also a factor that terrified the Iranian government.

And since 1st May 2018, Iran began blocking the Telegram usage.

How to unblock Telegram in Iran?

Get X-VPN installed on your devices. We are doing our best to unblock Telegram in Iran.

1. Get X-VPN for your devices.

2. Install X-VPN.

Choose ‘Allow’ to let X-VPN add VPN configurations to your phone. Thus X-VPN can protect all your network activity.

3. Open X-VPN and ‘select location’.

You can choose the default one(the fastest server by default) or the location where Telegram is not filtered. We recommend a server that’s closest to your actual location thus you can get better speed.

4.Tap the button in middle to connect.

You are free now and can log in your Telegram.

Enjoy your Internet freely.


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