X-VPN Update: DNS leak & GDPR

X-VPN Update: DNS leak & GDPR

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We are thrilled to announce the good news that X-VPN added some functional security tools for the latest version. And the new update for our privacy policy to embrace GDPR to support online privacy security.

☆ DNS Leak Test 

Now you can run a DNS Leak Test immediately in X-VPN app.

You could find this tool by swiping up the main page. Have a check on your IP and DNS IP without VPN connection. Next, run a test on your IP and DNS IP with X-VPN connected. If the result doesn’t show your personal information, then DNS leak is protected.

Have a try!

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☆ Privacy Policy Update ☆

In our newly released privacy policy, we have stated clearly about ‘Data we do not collect’, ‘Data we collect’, ‘How we share your data’, ‘Our commitment to privacy protection’, ‘Cookie policy’, ‘GDPR compliance’. You could find more detailed privacy policy update in our ‘Privacy Policy’ page https://xvpn.io/?n=best.free.xvpn.PrivacyPolicyPage. Or in app menu ‘About’ to learn more details.

Or you can have a quick view here.

Please note that we only provide the intercom the unique device id & user id which is hashed from the IDFA or Android ad master identifier. Beside this, we do not share your other informaiton that you provide to X-VPN with any third parties including advertisers.

The data we collect are :

  • Account Data
    • Email address for X-VPN registration
    • Twitter account if you share X-VPN on social media for premium data
    • Registration date
    • Subscription status
    • Payment method
    • Advertising data (e.g. iOS ad identifier – IDFA, Android ad master identifier)
  • Payment Data (The following information is automatically collected when users make the purchase)
    • Transaction ID
    • Geolocation & Timestamp
    • Cardholder last name
    • Last four digit of the credit card
  • Aggregated Data (The following data is automatically collected when you open X-VPN.)
    • Operating system
    • X-VPN App version
    • Daily active user
    • Total data used for the month
    • User geodemographics (this information is provided by the App Store / Google Play)
  • VPN Connection Data (The following data is collected during VPN connection.)
    • Server location
    • Connection time stamp
    • Error report
    • Choice of the protocol
    • Network type (this information is collected when users send the “network analysis” to customer support)
  • Other Information
    • Analytics data (e.g. App crash report,  in-app page engagement. )

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  1. I just downloaded it. It is working fine ! I watched a YouTube video promoting your vpn. Tu tecnomundo Thanks

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