Guide to Check Your AP Score Early

Guide to Check Your AP Score Early



It’s time of the year again!

AP scores are starting to roll out!

However, it is only restricted to certain places, such as California. As a residence of other parts, you have to wait for another four days to get your scores.

If you want to look at your score (you probably don’t), X-VPN has a way for those of you to access your scores early even if you don’t live in a region that has already gotten scores. 

You may follow these steps to get your score NOW.

1. Download XVPN on your phone/computers.

        [Mobile Phones]


2. Once downloaded, open the application and choose the location of US-Los Angeles/California/Washington server.


3. Once it connects, you can now get your scores on

Wish you the best of luck, and may the God of 5’s be watching over you all.

For further explanation: A VPN is an application that allows you to set your virtual location by rerouting your Internet connection to a different server, which means that your real location is replaced by some virtual location in the other places.


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