Why should you use a VPN in gaming

Why should you use a VPN in gaming


As Fortnite launched the Android version. Gamers are shouting themselves out. Let’s go through why you should use a VPN for good gaming experience, how to bypass game restrictions and how easy it is to unblock any game, anywhere!

Reasons why a VPN is needed for gamers

  1. A VPN provides shorter connection routes between you and gaming servers and thus reduces ping times and overall lag in LoL, Minecraft, or any other MMO game. Your connection may be a little slower usually, but when you ISP is throttling your connection or you choose a good server, a VPN will speed up your connection considerably!
  2. Protect yourself from DDoS attacks, which are quickly becoming the scourge of e-sport tournaments. And a VPN keeps your gaming connection stable and consistent.
  3. Keep your data safe and private via an encrypted gaming private network.
  4. Be the first to play certain games by downloading from countries with earlier launch dates.
  5. Use gaming servers from anywhere in the world when traveling to cut out terrible ping times.
  6. Connect to servers around the world to play with your friends, even if a title requires an IP address from a specific country to play.
  7. Gain access to blocked games. There are two main reasons why games are blocked: firewalls of schools and workplaces and government censorship. And you can unblock them simply by a click.

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Beat lag and throttle with the best VPN for gamers

According to a survey conducted with 1,000 gamers, speed is a top priority when choosing a VPN, getting 35 percent of the vote in what features gamers value in a VPN. And geographic diversity and price were also key sticking points. And two-thirds of responses would pay for a good VPN service. 

With 5000+ servers around the world, X-VPN provides unlimited bandwidth and lightning-fast speed, which offers competitive online player enjoyable gaming experience. 

X-VPN uses AES-256-bit encryption to secure your internet data, which is the same algorithm adopted by the US government to secure the top-secret information. It is carefully designed to protect your online privacy, we run our own DNS servers to make sure all our users’ data are protected in VPN tunnel. 

X-VPN has built-in kill switch by default, which blocks all outgoing traffic when the disconnection occurs, this ensures our users’ VPN connection is private and secure at all time. 

You can use X-VPN on various clients across the platforms, they are easy to use. You can also use X-VPN on your PS and other internet-connected gaming consoles to unblock games on them or to use services like Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora.
Also, We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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