What we did in 2018 to protect your privacy

What we did in 2018 to protect your privacy

happy-new-year-2019-greeting-card-with-numbers-vector-218508232018 was an exciting year for us. In 2018, millions more of you joined us. We are growing at an accelerating pace, and we worked relentlessly to improve our product and provide you with the best service possible.

Let’s have a look at what X-VPN achieved this year to make your internet even more secure.

No matter how big we get, we know perfectly well who made it possible. The story of 2018 is more about you than it is about us.

  • In November, X-VPN surpassed 30 million users a little over one and a half year after it launched, reflecting the great need for a trustworthy free VPN service. While we still have a large number of activists and security-conscious users, new users are increasingly coming from the general public. These new users include educated students, blocked-country users, and many corporations.
  • We have added over 5000 servers in 50+ locations around the world. And our dedicated streaming servers for Netflix, Hulu, BBC-iPlayer, Pandora works all the time to get you the latest series and music.
  • We launched three more apps – the X-VPN chrome extension, the X-VPN Linux command line and the X-VPN app for Android TV which works with Amazon Fire TV stick. More of your devices can now be protected with X-VPN.
  • The X-VPN twitter, facebook, and Instagram passed 35,000 followers. We are more than glad to know you and let you know more about us. Our #releasenoteguy squad is gaining popularity between youngsters around the world, from whom you can know more about us and play tricks with us :).
  • We have added anonymous payment methods to protect your privacy in purchasing. Cryptocurrency payments and gift cards all for your anonymity.
  • We believe in online freedom. So in 2018, we supported Iran and Iraq people for their fight for online freedom. And together we did it at last.

Looking further ahead

One thing is for sure: The Internet of the future must be private. Each new privacy scandal and data breach illustrates the inevitability of this. We believe that together with the X-VPN community, we can play an important role in bringing about this positive change. Whether it is building technology or spreading the word about why privacy matters, we’re making the world better together.

Thank you for 2018. Let’s make 2019 even better.

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