With the advent of 5G era, who will guarantee the network security?

With the advent of 5G era, who will guarantee the network security?

1.The Great 5G era.

The advent of the 5G era is one of the most discussed topics at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Looking around the world, 79 mobile operators have announced plans to launch 5G services.

By 2020, more than 50 countries will benefit from 5G services. Network capacity, throughput, and responsiveness can be greatly improved. With 5G, mobile operators can customize their links based on their applications to make their lives better in many ways.

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With the advent of the 5G era, the whole world will undergo a thorough revolution, and many things will change dramatically. The transition to the new fifth-generation cellular network will also affect many other types of equipment, including industrial robots, security cameras, drones, and cars that send traffic data to each other.

By offering mobile Internet speeds that allow people to download entire movies in seconds 5G can bring new services and experiences to netizens. 

2.The hidden crisis

However, some people insist that even under the 4G network, the privacy of users is often violated. Under the 5G era, how can users’ network security be guaranteed?

At present, various types of apps emerge in an endless stream in the application market. However, no matter what type of APP it is, the commonality is that you need to input your personal information and allow the APP to use various permissions.

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Without permission, you cannot use the APP. In the era of big data, the Internet not only brings convenience to people but also threatens the privacy protection of netizens, such as Facebook’s disclosure of serious vulnerabilities, hackers can control 50 million user accounts; British airways apologized for the theft of 380,000 user payments; Following a massive data breach in South Africa in 2017, the country suffered another data breach in May 2018 that exposed the personal records of 934,000 people online.

The endless stream of information disclosure has caused people to pay attention to network security issues, and the role of the VPN has become increasingly important.

3. The mission of X-VPN

The original intention of X-VPN is to allow users to use the network more private and secure, the security of personal information can be guaranteed.

And to do that,X-VPN  secure your internet data with 256-bit encryption. We use Bank-grade multi-layered encryption technology to protect your privacy from information disclosure. What’s more, we provide 9 types of security tunnels for you to choose from. And each tunnel has a special function to meet users different needs.

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4. How to achieve it?

when you want to access a website on the Internet, you must first connect to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Your ISP will redirect you to any website you want to visit. All your internet traffic goes through your ISP’s servers, which means your ISP can view and log all your online operations.

They even provide your browsing history to advertisers, government agencies, and other third parties. What role VPN play is to redirect your internet traffic through a specially configured remote server. While using public WiFi from Mall, coffee shop, your personal information is at risk as anyone might grab your information easily. 

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So the VPN hides your IP address and encrypts all the data you send or receive. Once the data is encrypted, anyone who intercepts the data will find that the content looks to be gibberish. 

The download and installation of X-VPN are very simple and does not take up a lot of storage space. Compared with other free software, its connection is more stable, providing multiple channels to ensure speed. After the download is complete, it takes only two seconds to enjoy a faster, safer online experience and unlimited access to the global network.

X-VPN makes your connection to the world easier and safer.

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