Take PUBG Mobile back to Jordan. X-VPN, the best software to unlock the world!

Take PUBG Mobile back to Jordan. X-VPN, the best software to unlock the world!

“This hist me hard, on many levels. I realized that even though Jordan has probably a bit more freedom than most other countries in the middle east; the government still had the power to enforce an arbitrary decision as stupid as banning a video game; and there’s absolutely nothing that I, nor the many thousands of Jordanians who play PUBG, can do about it.”

The above paragraph is a speech from a Jordanian netizen on Reddit. On July 4th, the ban on PUBG issued by the Jordanian Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) came into effect. Many game enthusiasts from Jordan said that when they woke up, they found that their favorite game could no longer be logged in. The above-mentioned Jordanian netizen’s emotions ranged from shock to anger and finally felt that his freedom was violated. He angrily made such a line on the page: If you live in the first world, don’t take your liberties for granted.

So what does it mean that PUBG is banned in Jordan? 

Jordan is not the first country to ban PUBG. Just like Nepal, Iraq, and China, the reason given by the Jordan National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) is that the violent content of the game will significantly affect the healthy growth of young people. For this kind of complaint, PUBG made some adjustments within the game. For example, they changed the image of shooting an enemy with a gun into a wave of goodbye. What’s more, the game development team also strengthened the face recognition system, prohibiting children under the age of 13 from participating in the game. However, this series of operations did not allow it to escape the forbidden fate. From the beginning of July, Jordan netizens can no longer download PUBG, and can no longer log in to PUBG on the desktop or mobile.

However, the government’s ban does not mean that Jordan players can no longer return to the battlefield. X-VPN teaches you to return to the battlefield and spend your spare time with friends.

The operation is very simple; you need to click the X-VPN download button below. And after the download is complete, click the switch button to enter the PUBG PC or PUBG Mobile.

Here is the solution for you to access PUBG Mobile in your country.

In Jordan, PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC are forever bidding farewell to Jordanian gamers according to the official ban, and the authority is currently planning to ban a half-dozen other games, including Fortnite. The official reasons are not convincing gamers. In their point of view, the official reason is only for minors, and the total ban on PUBG is to deprive others of the freedom to play this game. Like the question from the Jordanian netizen above, adults should have the freedom to choose to play a game or not. The government’s move made them feel that their freedom of information was denied.  

Players’ utterly different view of the game has not been able to spur the battlefield to escape the robbery. However, X-VPN hopes to help gamers break through.

Although the main task of X-VPN is to protect the privacy of users, ensuring the freedom of information of every citizen is what X-VPN has been doing. Like help the netizens from the network blockade countries get outside information, X-VPN is committed to protecting each user’s online freedom and privacy. Our products are guaranteed that Jordanian netizens or people from other network-restricted areas to successfully download PUBG or enter the PUBG game page. And we can ensure that the network speed is stable and fast enough when you play the game. To give users better gaming experience, we will set your virtual location anywhere with 5000+ servers around the globe. To achieve that, we replace your IP address with a public one in our server location. Netizens in Jordan can choose one of the 44 countries we provide as their IP address. In that case, users can access the game port through the virtual IP address, complete the game experience under the premise of ensuring the network speed. And whether you want to install X-VPN on the desktop or mobile, we have the corresponding version to support the installation. We support Windows, Mac, Android, and ios systems, providing you with the complete service with minimal memory.

All in all, X-VPN is committed to ensuring the freedom of information for every netizen and providing a better gaming experience for every PUBG lover.

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