How to escape from Big Tech’s information monitoring?

How to escape from Big Tech’s information monitoring?

Recently, the concept of “privacy invasion” has appeared frequently in the news. With the continuous development of network technology, it seems that more and more people have become accustomed to their privacy being invaded by various APPs and websites.

“Privacy invasion” is the subject of an excellent article from The Times newsroom last week. This article is about the University of Alabama football players often leave the stadium early to celebrate after winning the game; the school hopes they can stay.

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So the school developed an app that can track the players’ positions. Players who remain on the stadium after the APP test can receive material rewards from the school.

A trivial thing that seems reasonable is arousing strong reactions from all walks of life in the United States. Some lawyers even believe that this is a very harmful content that a university teaches young people about the democratic society.

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Big data record user’s every move. The website and APP will provide users with more accurate services based on these data. Under such temptation, users began to take the initiative to accept privacy invasion.

Stop Accepting Privacy Invasion Right Now

1. What is the negative impact of big tech’s privacy invasion on users?

This week, the America Internet Association launched a campaign, hoping that the federal government would issue a privacy law. Some commentators believe that the Internet Association has such an application to overshadow federal laws.

Because the major technology companies under the Internet Association have to infringe on user privacy to a certain extent, the harsh state laws make them miserable.

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The United States still encounters such problems in the cultural context of caring personal privacy, not to mention other countries and regions. When users start thinking about how to protect their privacy, it is already late.

Our daily lives are beginning to be related to these big technology companies. It is impossible to cut off the connection with them completely, but the network users can make their online traces disappear into the online world through some means.

2.X-VPN will help you with online privacy.

VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, is a communication method commonly used to connect private networks between medium and large enterprises or between groups and groups.

It uses tunneling protocols to achieve private message security such as confidentiality, sender authentication, and message accuracy. This technology can use an insecure network to send reliable and secure messages.

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In other words, using VPN software can ensure the user’s Internet security. First of all, the VPN provides the virtual IP address to the website. It is difficult for anyone to find out the user’s IP. Secondly, the VPN will help erase the Internet trace. The user’s browsing history, stored passwords, and personal information on the website will be encrypted.

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However, in recent years, the VPN product itself has much negative information. Many news reports that some VPN companies privately sell user information to third parties for profit. Such negative information makes some users stay away from using it.

Users deny VPN because of these negative news, for other companies trying to do VPN app, is undoubtedly a disaster. It is also crucial for users to choose a secure VPN product.

Being a product that reassures users has always been the goal of X-VPN efforts. X-VPN supports multiple security protocols. It provides PPTP protocols, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, SSTP, and even SSH to tunnel users’ connections securely. All connections were encrypted via AES with a minimum key size of 256 bits, which means the highest quality of the industry.

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3.It is never too late to choose a suitable VPN product to protect your network privacy

X-VPN is a freeware VPN client available on Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Linux, and so on.

There is also a Google Chrome browser extension. What’s more, an X-VPN account can be used for up to 5 accounts. X-VPN is committed to providing you with a better online experience. 

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