How to balance network security and Internet speed? Why is your device slowing down after connecting to a VPN?

How to balance network security and Internet speed? Why is your device slowing down after connecting to a VPN?

X-VPN, a VPN software that combines speed and security.

For some users, while connecting VPNs to protect their network privacy, it seems that VPNs will slow down their Internet access. In recent years, personal online information disclosure incidents have occurred frequently. For Internet users who are incredibly concerned about network security, the use of VPN products seems to be the best choice. But sometimes, some users feedback using VPN appears to slow down the Internet. For other users who also use VPN products, there is no such problem. Does VPN affect the Internet speed?

The answer is Yes. 

When you use the VPN to browse the web, your network will have such a process: [1] Open the browser  → [2] VPN Client → [3] Router → [4] Local Broadband Operator → [5] International Export Broadband Carrier → [6] VPN Client→ [7] Website Server → Return to the original route.

It is a more complicated process than connecting directly to the network,and every link in it will affect the speed of the VPN.

1) The network speed provided by the ISP is the essential influencing factor of the Internet speed. If your ISP limits the bandwidth, then your internet speed cannot exceed this value.

2)The distance between the selected VPN server and the server that needs to access can also significantly affect the speed of the Internet. Almost all VPN products offer several server addresses to choose from. When the VPN product provides more selectable server addresses, the user has more room to choose, avoiding the situation that many users select the same server address at the same time and cause congestion. Taking X-VPN as an example, X-VPN provides users with more than 5,000+ servers around the world. Users can choose the server closest to them to ensure speed. You can also decide to replace your IP address with a public one in X-VPN’s server location.

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3)The quality of the VPN product’s encryption is also one of the critical factors affecting network speed. To protect the user’s network security, the VPN product itself has a process of encryption and decryption, and the encryption type used by the VPN will affect the user’s Internet access speed. In general, PPTP provides 128-bit encryption to provide users with the underlying security. Therefore, if protection security is not preferred, users can select the PPTP security protocol; L2TP and IPsec provide 256-bit encryption, which is extremely secure so that encryption will slow the speed to some extent. X-VPN offers choices of 9 types of security tunnels. You can choose from the highly reliable L2TP and IPsec to secure your internet data with 256-bit encryption, and enjoy the bank-grade multi-layered encryption technology. Also, you can also select PPTP protocols to guarantee speed.

4)The load of the VPN server and the security protocol used will also affect the speed of the Internet. Therefore, users can choose a VPN with strong load capacity as much as possible.

5)The use of a firewall or anti-virus software on a device or browser can also affect the speed of the Internet.

If you feel that using a VPN does affect your internet speed, here are a few ways to try it out.

1)Check if the VPN settings are optimal. In general, OpenVPN is faster than PPTP, and PPTP is much quicker than L2TP/IPsec protocols.

2)International bandwidth exports are generally highly loaded. When some network operators detect that someone is connected to an overseas network, they will limit the speed of the system for some reasons, restricting the export of foreign networks, and often modifying the VPN port may have some help.

3) On the situation that the shared account user is not limited to speed or the server used for setting up the account has sufficient bandwidth, the priority is to choose the CN2 line, Japan and Hong Kong line rather than the United States line. In short, the relatively unpopular line speed will be faster.

If you are choosing X-VPN, then none of the above steps are required. Once you feel that your internet connection speed is prolonged, open the main interface of X-VPN, click the button of Select Location, and select the option of The Fastest Server. X-VPN provides users with a variety of highly secure security protocols. If you care most about privacy, click Private Online will meet your needs. X-VPN provides a faster and more stable connection and unlimited bandwidth for all users. We have self-owned servers that substantially meet your network speed requirements.

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X-VPN has always considered the issue from the perspective of the user. We have always believed that the security of the Internet should not be at the expense of speed. An account of X-VPN can be used on five accounts. You can enjoy the uninterrupted streaming experience with MAC or Windows while using your mobile phone to process various privacy data. You can also connect your home TV to X-VPN and enjoy TVs around the world.

All in all, X-VPN will not sacrifice the user’s Internet speed while protecting the user’s network security. Just click on the link below to try it out.

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