Vote for the server location you want us to install!

X-VPN is a product in a period of rapid growth, and we respect the needs of users. Now we need your help to decide where our next VPN servers should be.

This year we have added dozens of new servers in Thailand, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Denmark, Austria and more. But in order to better serve everyone, we set up this vote to give your opportunities to decide where to place the new VPN server.

Here’s how it works. Below you will find a list of countries to choose from. We exclude countries that already have servers (you can view our list of existing servers here) or countries that may have difficulty in getting servers. As we add new servers over the following months, we’ll prioritize the countries that get the most votes in this poll. You can only select or fill out one country/city. The poll will be active for at least four weeks, so you have plenty of time to decide. Please feel free to share with your friends; anyone is eligible to participate. The poll is closing on 30th October, so hurry up to vote for your needs!

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