Let X-VPN reveal to you, what is the reason why a 100% free VPN is not safe?

Let X-VPN reveal to you, what is the reason why a 100% free VPN is not safe?

Whether it is the news media or friends around us, they always told us that free VPNs are not safe, but once we ask, how is it unsafe? They usually respond to us with silence. X-VPN reveals to you why some free VPN is not safe, ultimately discloses the mystery of the VPN.

Before discussing free VPN insecure, it is necessary to understand what features a secure VPN should have. Take X-VPN as an example. X-VPN provides a 256-bit encryption system and changes your virtual location around the world. We Secure your internet data with 256-bit encryption and bank-grade multi-layered encryption technology.

More specifically, we provide choices of 9 types of security tunnels to disguise your internet traffic. Also, X-VPN does not require an account to use a VPN service. X-VPN will mask your actual internet visit request as regular internet data.

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Isn’t it cool? It is comparable to military-grade encryption services, intending to provide a safer online experience for each of our users.

So why would everyone say that a free VPN is not safe? What do these insecure mean? There are the answers.

1. Free VPN software may not have Terms and Conditions, or some free VPN software indicates in Terms of Service that the user’s anonymous information will be shared with third parties.

2.VPN service is free, but they will collect all your data and use your information in the way they decide. If they only record your non-private information, it does not matter that much. But some free VPN records your mobile number, game account passwords, or bank card account passwords, credit card, and other payment information, may lead to online fraud.

3. P2P-based free VPN service is more dangerous. When you go online, the data will go through other users’ computers. Someone may hijack your data traffic seize your data traffic to do something illegal.

4. Collecting data logs is the most common operation of free VPNs – when you browse the web, use the app, and when you buy certain products online, some companies may collect your data logs for their benefit or sell them to companies that use this information for advertising purposes.

5.Bandwidth is not free. Free VPNs usually provide you with as little bandwidth as possible, and some VPNs can even use your bandwidth to serve other free users on their network. It will slow down your machine access, and you may never know what other people are using your Bandwidth to do, which can have serious consequences.

6. Some free VPNs have created private networks, but they have not been encrypted to expose user traffic to hackers. At the same time, some VPN agency does not correctly encrypt network traffic and do not use the latest version of the Internet Protocol.

The above is why the free VPN is not safe. After reading it, do you feel very scary? Users want to have a VPN to protect their security, but they never thought of falling into another insecure trap.

Hers is some tips on picking a free VPN app:

  1. Choose a company with a good reputation. It is effortless to operate, use Google detects it. In general, the official website of the VPN product will reveal a lot of information.
  2. The VPN that is discovered through a reliable search engine will have high reliability. In contrast, free VPNs identified through forums, netizens, and spam are more likely to be unreliable.
  3. Don’t take it for granted that the free VPN found in the mobile app is safe. It turns out that even the free VPNs searched in many mobile apps are not necessarily reliable.
  4. Choose the VPN that provides both the free version and the paid version, because if the company behind this free VPN also offers a paid VPN, We can see how this company is profitable and don’t have to worry about it selling our private information.
  5. Check the location of the company to which the VPN belongs. The local VPN policy will affect the operation of the VPN company to a large extent. We can also predict whether the company will transfer user information to the government.

X-VPN dares to stand up and break this situation; we offer a paid version and a free version. We can guarantee that we will not sell the user’s information to third parties, whether or not they are charged. The difference between the charge and the free version is the number of protocols we offer, and the network speed of the free version may be slightly lower than the paid version. Ensuring users’ private data is our responsibility, we will never resell the user’s data to third-party profit; what’s more, we will not record your log, so even if the relevant departments request to view user data, we can can’t do anything about it.

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