Are you still connected to Free Public WIFI ?  Be sure that you are aware of these potential dangers.

Are you still connected to Free Public WIFI ? Be sure that you are aware of these potential dangers.

For the contemporary, the essential thing that can’t be left is the mobile phone. Since 2012, the time for people to play mobile phones has increased significantly. The latest survey by the German statistics Internet company found that Brazilians spend the most time on mobile phones every day. They spend about 5 hours a day on average. And Chinese ranks second with playing mobile phones 3 hours a day. What’s more, British mobile technology consultant Tommy Ahonen found that people look at the phone every 6.5 minutes on average. If you count 16 hours a day, you should watch mobile phones about 150 times .

Wait, if you use your mobile phone so frequently, the mobile phone traffic data provided by the operator will not be enough.
Of course, most of the time, we are using wifi. But in cafes, stations, and other public places, can you be sure that the wifi you connect to is 100% safe?

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Before connecting to the public wifi, make sure you know the following hidden threats :

  1. The criminals may set up wifi with the same or similar wifi as the standard wifi. They set a blank password or the same password to attract the public’s connection. Then hijack the DNS (Domain Name System) on the wifi router, introduce the user to the phishing website to obtain the account password, or monitor the mobile phone on the router. So, they can get your password quickly.
  2. Wireless routers have more security risks. For example, the previous WEP authentication can be easily cracked. Once you set up a wireless router. If it is improperly equipped, it will lead to the disclosure of the network or personal data. It may cause the internal system to be invaded. The company’s confidentiality and customer information will on risk of leaking.
  3. When connecting to a public network payment, your payment password may be quickly stolen by hackers, resulting in your bank account being cracked and the balance being transferred.

After you understand these potential dangers, are you afraid to connect to the public wifi? But our traffic is always not enough. Especially when we want to catch up with the latest TV series. Here are some tips for you to avoid these risks:

◆Please confirm the wifi name with the merchant when connecting to wifi in public places. Use private wifi without the passwords carefully.

◆ Use the carrier’s 4G /5G network when using the payment APP.

◆Set up a wireless router in the office network must be approved by the company.

◆The authentication method uses secure WPA2.

◆ It is recommended to hide the SSID.

◆Modify the Wifi password regularly.

These methods are too impractical? Then we introduce you to a simple and easy to operate, and 100% risk-avoiding method, that is, click on this to download X-VPN.

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