Is using a VPN safe? How to choose the right VPN software?

As the public pays more and more attention to cybersecurity issues, many people choose to protect their Privacy through VPN apps. However, due to the explosion of some VPN APP’s negative information, many users’ trust in VPN began to decrease, and they formed a negative impression of VPN products.
But actually, it is safe to use VPN apps?

Let’s review the negative news of VPN apps and make it clear how to avoid these risks.

VPN Negative News 1: VPN does not make you invisible on the Internet.

Not long ago, researchers from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Australia conducted an in-depth analysis of hundreds of VPNs in the Google Play store and found that the Privacy and Security of most product services are seriously flawed. Although some VPNs have created private networks, they have not been encrypted, exposing user traffic to hackers or man-in-the-middle attacks.

Therefore, when looking for a VPN app, be sure to choose an APP with a complete encryption system. X-VPN can secure your internet data with 256-bit encryption and bank-grade multi-layered encryption technology.

VPN negative news 2: VPN companies will leak users’ information.
There are news stated that VPN would record users’ surfing information and sell it to third parties. And sometimes, system administrators use these records; especially when there are security problems in the system, you can trace the root cause of the problem. However, the level of detail of the records and the retention time of the documents depend on the management policies of individual VPNs.

X-VPN will keep anonymity when browsing web pages. And X-VPN also provides nine Protocols to disguise your internet traffic. We also don’t require an account to use X-VPN service to mask your actual internet visit request as regular internet data.

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VPN negative news 3: Some news reported that some VPN companies store log information following national or local laws.

Actually, some service providers did record a lot of information, such as where, when, and even what connections they make.
They record necessary logs when there are few logs, such as the IP address and username of the connection, and internal load balancing and server maintenance used by domestic routes. Logging for some virtual private network service providers may be destroyed soon, while others may be handled differently due to local laws. No matter how the information stored in the log is enough to break the user’s anonymity.

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X-VPN makes sure users’ Privacy is our primary concern, and we will be 100% transparent with our users. We do not log how you utilize VPN connection, which means we do not see the applications, Service, or websites you use while connected to our Service, nor do we store them.
We do not store your original IP address, which means we can not share it with anyone no matter what happened.
We will not sell, use, or disclose any personal data to third parties not mentioned in this Privacy for any purpose.

So how to choose a trustworthy VPN app? Please make the following issues clear.

1)Find some technology media’s reviews about the product before using it. If you can not find any reviews about it, you should be careful. In general, some professional technology media companies will not assess all VPN products; they will only write reviews for trusted products.

X-VPN has received evaluations from PCWord, VPNMentor, Taimienphi, and Best VPN Rating.

Users are welcome to search these reviews:

X-VPN review: Good speeds, nice app, but radio silence on details that matter
X-VPN review: A free VPN that supports seven protocols? Really?

2)Some VPN user feedback systems are not perfect, and problems may be solved in a long time. It is because the company does not have a complete user feedback system and does not pay attention to the user experience. X-VPN provides users with 24/6 live chat support, and it takes only three seconds to connect with our customer service staffs.

3)Looking closely at the VPN’s Terms of Service, some VPN products don’t have a Terms of Service at all. If users don’t pay attention to the terms and services of the VPN company, they may fall into the trap of illegally collecting user information.

X-VPN clearly states in Terms of Service that we do not and will not collect or store traffic data, DNS queries, browsing the history, and VPN connection destination. And we do not provide any users’ information to any third party. We do not cooperate with any request for information unless a court of competent jurisdiction orders us.

4)Find out whether there is a refund period; the VPN company that supports the user’s refund is very confident about its products. On the other hand, it also indicates that the company has sufficient financial resources to help the user’s reimbursement.

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