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Nowadays, online shopping has gradually replaced physical shopping and becomes the primary shopping style; but until now, online shopping has some inconvenience and danger. On the global quiz site Quora, a user asked such a question: “Is online shopping safe or not?”. Most users replied that online shopping is not 100% safe and give their reasons. To sum up, online shopping has the following problems:

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1. The network speed is too slow to affect the shopping experience.

Some users said that sometimes the network speed is unstable and prolonged, which significantly affects the personal online experience. Sometimes the image is loaded too long and can seriously affect the individual’s experience. With the continuous improvement of netizens’ income, the issue of high Internet access costs has been alleviated, but the question of slow network speed has become increasingly acute. By January 2000, 52.98% of users thought that the slow network speed was the biggest obstacle encountered by the Internet. The prolonged and unstable Internet speed seriously damped the enthusiasm of Internet users.

2. There are still certain security risks in online payment.

At present, the popular payment method on the Internet is the way of the third-party platform. While PayPal, credit card, and other payment methods have significantly reduced the risk of online shopping, there are still many problems in practical applications. Hacker Trojan worms may invalidate the security controls of third-party websites, and the fixed IP of digital certificates also hinders the pursuit of convenient online shopping.

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3. Online fraud has reduced the user’s online shopping experience.

Online fraud is dominated by phishing. “Phishing” tricks the user into entering the bank account password by copying the bank’s web page, thereby stealing the user’s account. There are endless ways of scams, such as fake sellers, fake websites that defraud customers’ prepayments or deposits, promises of fraudulent investment fraud, and so on.

4. Most sites require users to fill in a lot of personal information.

When consumers conduct online shopping activities, the website requires consumers to register first. Consumers must provide their personal information, including name, gender, birthday, ID number, address, work unit, contact information, education level, and email address. Addresses, etc., some websites will also collect too much information such as personal consumer credit, property status, health level, consumption habits, consumption level, etc., and the above information belongs to the privacy of consumers.

Because the Internet has powerful information collection, sorting, and classification functions, once a lousy operator sells the consumer’s privacy for profit, it will have a tremendous negative impact on the consumer’s life.

How to avoid the various risks of the network?

The insecurity of the network world causes the above problems; it is straightforward to solve this problem; download a VPN app to protect the privacy of the network. The VPN APP not only protects users’ Internet privacy but also provides users with a better online experience.

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First, VPN products, such as X-VPN, can protect your sensitive and private information. X-VPN will secure your internet data with 256-bit encryption and bank-grade multi-layered encryption technology. We provide choices of 9 types of security tunnels. Therefore, even customers expose their information to the website, and there is no need to worry that the site will sell the information to third parties for profit.

Second, VPN APP can unblock various restricted websites networking apps, and websites. We have 9 Protocols to help you bypass filters and firewalls. The same item, such as an air ticket, can be purchased on different sites at different prices. Before buying a ticket, search the ticketing websites of other countries, using X-VPN to unlock the restriction. And you can choose the cheapest one to buy.  

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Finally, the right VPN product has the function of stable network speed; X-VPN provides a faster and more stable connection. We have unlimited bandwidth and self-owned Servers & Partnered with AWS for all users.

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