X-VPN’s Specialty Servers for our users!  Check out our servers for Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc.

X-VPN’s Specialty Servers for our users! Check out our servers for Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc.

X-VPN has been improving the performance to give customers a better experience. Since X-VPN has been on the applications market, we have been paying attention to user feedback and continuously upgrading our products based on the user experience. According to feedback from users, we have designed specialized servers inside the product. Let’s take a closer look at what these servers are.

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1.We provide exclusive streaming servers for Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and so on.Download the VPN, regardless of where you are, you will never miss Live Shows and Music; When users are in workplace or abroad, sometimes the video and music apps pop up “Sorry, not Available.” Because networks in workplaces might have specific social networking apps and sites blocked; In this case, users can just click connect button in X-VPN and will have everything unblocked. It can quickly cache a variety of videos and unlock all the restrictions.

2.We have specialized servers for PUBG lovers. The game PUBG has been controversial since it has been launched. Many Middle Eastern countries have restricted users from logging into PUBG. X-VPN has a dedicated PUBG server. Users don’t have to worry about network congestion anymore. They can log in to the game interface with their teammates at any time. Besides,the network speed is not stable in some countries, which seriously affects the Internet experience. X-VPN can help stabilize the Internet speed without worrying about dropping the line in the middle of the game.

Download And Try Now.

3.We also provide select music server for users. Once users choose it, they will not miss the live broadcast of any music. Alao, it can also quickly unlock the network restrictions of the destination country, without worrying about network congestion and listening to live music very smoothly.

How to choose the correct location servers?

  1. For network speed requirements, please select ‘the fastest server’. X-VPN provides quicker and more stable connection on this server. We also have unlimited bandwidth for all users. More importantly, we have self-owned servers and Partnered with AWS. Besides, we have smart reconnect features that help our users to have a better experience.
  2. For users who want to protect privacy, please choose’ the private online’. X-VPN owns 5000+ servers around the globe. Users are easy to replace their IP address with a public one in our server location and surf online disguisedly.

3.For music and gaming enthusiasts, please choose video and Game server. On this server, users don’t have to worry about network congestion as enjoy music and movies.

4.For PUBG lovers, please choose the PUBG server which have a faster and stable network connection for gamers.

X-VPN’s special servers will give you a better online experience, click here to download X-VPN.

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