Does home wifi mean 100% security? X-VPN, the best vpn for Router.

Does home wifi mean 100% security? X-VPN, the best vpn for Router.

Does home wifi mean 100% security? With the frequent occurrence of network security issues, more and more people are paying attention to the point of network privacy security. The threat of public wifi to personal privacy has been well known, so is home wifi 100% safe?

The danger of attacking the home router is different from the threat of public wifi. The attacker first uses various hacking tools to crack the connection password of the home wireless router. If the crack is successful, the hacker will successfully connect to your home router and share a local area network with you.

Most of the time, the attacker is not only to enjoy your network bandwidth for free, and some people will go to the next step and try to log in to your wireless router management background. Because wireless routers with security risks on the market are quite common, hackers are likely to crack your home router login password. They don’t even have to break the password, use hacking tools to attack your network, forcing you to click on a link that exploits the exploit to attack the Router, and the router DNS will be tampered with. After the home router is invaded, the standard trick for hackers is to tamper with the DNS, which may steal your personal information to make money.

First, he will take your browsing history. When you hack through the hacked wifi, all the traces of your Internet will be monitored. In addition to that encrypted information, hackers need to work hard to crack; the clear text of the access record will be seen. Hackers may look for profitable holes based on your documents.
Second, you will be tricked into clicking on a phishing website to make you suffer more. Visiting the phishing website may lose sensitive information. When you visit the shopping website, the attacker pops up the phishing website that uses the preferential information as bait. If you mistakenly submit your login ID and send the bank information to the website, you will suffer direct economic losses.

Third, steal your various payment passwords and transfer your account balance. If you fall into the wifi trap, hackers can hijack your access token directly, do not need to get your account password, directly use your identity to enter the shopping site.
The fourth type, let you point the advertisement to make money for the hacker: Use your click to make money for the attacker. This kind of attack is especially common when the home router is hacked. After the attacker tampers with the DNS, there will be annoying advertisements every day. Every day you go online and click the advertisement, you will make money for the hackers. Every time you shop, an attacker can get a commission share from the store owner.

How to ensure the safety of home routers?

  1. Change your password regularly
    Most of the time, people always feel that changing the password of the Router is not necessary; cracking the wireless network generally uses the exhaustive method for brute force breaking. Generally speaking, as long as the time is enough, no password cannot be cracked, but the password can be changed regularly. Increase the difficulty of hackers to crack passwords;
  2. Set up wireless encryption. The wireless Router uses WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption by default. And it is best to set the password as a combination of password and number to increase the security of the password;
  3. Install the VPN software on the Router. X-VPN supports PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. It will secure all devices on your wifi network. It also offers Dedicated US & UK Netflix streaming servers.

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When connecting to a VPN server through a router, any device connected to the VPN can enjoy full privacy protection. And there is no need to worry about personal account passwords and browsing records being hacked.

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