How to encrypt emails? X-VPN, your network privacy protection expert

How to encrypt emails? X-VPN, your network privacy protection expert

The content of the email and message are under the risk of being stolen in the network. Whether it is the theft of personal privacy or the leakage of company trade secrets, it will have severe consequences. As one of the targets of being hacked. Email attack often appears in the following ways:

1.Ordinary mail is stored in plain text. Once a server is vulnerable, or under attack, it will cause the mailbox account to be compromised, thus affecting the security of the mail.

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2.Ordinary mail is also plain text in the transmission process. Today’s information transmission channels usually lack adequate protection or protocol loopholes and are easily exploited by hackers. Once a man-in-the-middle attacks them, emails may be intercepted and tampered with and falsified. It is hard to detect.

3.Many users like to use the same account name and password on multiple websites, and hackers launch attacks that are fierce and frequent. Once a website has a vulnerability, hackers will launch a collision attack against other relatively secure websites, and gain more users. The mailbox is a commonly used account name, more easily hacked to trace the source.

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4.In addition to the threat of email security, there are domestic threats in addition to cyberattacks during storage and transmission. Such as equipment theft, device voyeurism, etc., this physical threat is difficult to foresee and prevent, once it happens, it will also cause the risk of leaking mail data.

How to send mail anonymously?

Email encryption is good way to protect our privacy. Email encryption can use PGP, TrueCrypt, GnuPG, and these three recognized security encryption software. Encryption software should use open-source software as much as possible, and the unknown encryption software will steal the user’s information. Encryption software encryption algorithm can be used: RSA, AES or multiple encryption algorithms to encrypt repeatedly. The critical length of SA must be 2048bit or more. For relevant content, it is best to choose 4096 bit or more. AES key length must be 256 bit or more.

Install VPN software on the device that sends mail frequently. Although WIFI encryption uses WPA/WPA2 encryption, it only guarantees a secure connection between your computer and the wireless router. But the data transmission from the wireless router to the ISP, then to the Internet will be exposed to the risk. With VPN, the entire process from the VPN server to your computer is encrypted. Even if a man attacks the email in the middle of the transmission, he can’t view the mailed content and sending email’s address. It will show the VPN server provides IP address.X-VPN uses bank-grade multi-layered encryption technology and can secure your internet data with 256-bit encryption. We also offer choices of 9 types of security tunnels.

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