The Apple CEO: privacy is a fundamental human right. X-VPN will protect your Internet Privacy from all aspects.

The Apple CEO: privacy is a fundamental human right. X-VPN will protect your Internet Privacy from all aspects.

Apple CEO Cook said in an interview with the ABC that Apple will not obtain user data and will not make money from user data. Cook noted that from a personal perspective, concerns about privacy are necessary. If you know that your privacy is being monitored for a long time, you will start to be restrained, control your behavior, reduce browsing and exploration, etc. With the continuous development of the Internet era, the 5G era has arrived. Mobile phones and the Internet have become intertwined with our daily lives. But on the other hand, we are continually exposing our privacy to the Internet.

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Although Apple CEO Cook said, he would not obtain user data and make money from user data. As early as July of this year, according to the British “Guardian” report, recordings of conversations between users and Apple Siri are being heard by external contractors. What’s more, Siri can be easily activated, and sometimes can listen to private communications.

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In response to user information leakage, Apple responded that it did use 1% of user recordings. Apple has always prioritized privacy, which is the value that is believed to be engraved in Apple’s bones. So this scandal is a significant crisis for Apple. Due to the auditing system of outsourcing companies, the staff is not strictly accessible to a large amount of data. It is not difficult to identify the speaker in the recording. Once someone is in a bad mood, it is not impossible to do evil after finding out the main character of the record.

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In terms of protecting user privacy, Apple has always done an excellent job and established a lot of prestige in its user group. Then it was exposed that there was a problem of leaking user privacy. So what about other big technology companies?

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Therefore, users must protect their privacy spontaneously. Using a VPN to protect your online privacy is the most comfortable and most convenient way. For hiding IP to use network services, VPN is a more straightforward solution. The communication data between the VPN server and client is encrypted, and the data is carried on a dedicated data link. Therefore, by dialing to a foreign VPN, the privacy of users’ Internet access will be protected to a great extent.

Taking X-VPN as an example, X-VPN can protect your sensitive and private information all the time, and secure your internet data with 256-bit encryption. X-VPN provides bank-grade multi-layered encryption technology for our users. Erasing all your online data can also protect you from being attacked by middlemen; we also offer choices of 9 types of security tunnels to ensure the privacy of users in all aspects.
VPNs can provide users with an encrypted, secure, and private network, which makes it more difficult for third parties to monitor your data than using a public system.

When your device is connected to any public WIFI, it is equivalent to exposing your privacy to the sight of a third party, and using VPN software is to eliminate this threat by the view and achieve your online safety from a technical level.

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