What exactly does it mean to use VPN browsing website anonymously?

Browse the web without any traces and enjoy comprehensive network security protection right now.” It is the network slogan of most VPN companies, and their publicity can wipe out all our browsing records on the Internet.

But for ordinary users, it may be challenging to understand what does incognito Internet mean? How does this work?

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To understand how VPN help us browse anonymously, we must first know what kind of transmission path our data has undergone when we are online.

When we access the Internet through a mobile phone or a computer device, the browser is our client, and the server on which we visit the website is the so-called server. The communication between the server and the client has the following steps:

The client sends a request to the remote server. Http is built on TCP. Naturally, after a three-way handshake is used to create a connection, the server will process and respond to the information requested by the URL. Generally speaking, it will find an HTML file to return to the client.
The client is the browser to get the HTML and render it.

However, in the process of data transmission, our browsing records are in danger of being attacked by the middle-man. The critical role of VPN in this transmission process is to provide an individual channel for users to transmit data. This channel is secret and secure, which can guarantee users from man-in-the-middle attacks. A VPN is the same as a general network connection, and it also consists of three parts: a client, a transmission medium, and a server.

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The difference is that the VPN connection uses a tunnel as a transmission channel. This tunnel is based on a public network or a private network. VPN establishes a tunnel and uses encryption technology to encrypt the transmission data to prevent your data from being intercepted by criminals during the transmission process to ensure the security and privacy of the data. It is the specific meaning of a VPN that allows you to browse incognito.

Taking X-VPN as an example, our mission is to protect your sensitive and private information. X-VPN can secure your internet data with 256-bit encryption and bank-grade multi-layered encryption technology. It even offers choices of 9 types of security tunnels, masking your actual internet visit request as regular internet data.

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