How to use the X-VPN Chrome extension? X-VPN, the best VPN extension for Chrome.

When you click on the download page of X-VPN, you may find that X-VPN can be used on eight devices including IOS, MAC, Android, Windows, and Chrome. It is easy to understand why install X-VP on devices like IOS, but why install X-VPN Chrome extension on Google?

What is X-VPN Chrome extension?

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When we use Google Chrome to go online, the browser continuously sends our personal information to every website we visit. It shares information about our IP location, operating system, hardware, and even other devices connected to our network with the site. Using an unprotected browser makes our personal information vulnerable. The X-VPN extension will encrypt your browser traffic and prevent criminals from using your data to invade your account. Also, the X-VPN browser extension will change your IP location and allow you to view geographically restricted content and bypass censorship anywhere in the world.

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However, not all VPNs are suitable for browsers such as Google. Substandard VPN extensions may make your device vulnerable, and even leak your information to third parties. X-VPN Chrome extension can unblock the web securely, privately and anonymously, access your favorite TV series, movies & music anytime, anywhere, and Protect privacy on Public WiFi.

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How to use the X-VPN Chrome extension?

Download X-VPN chrome extension here or in the Chrome web store.

Click “Add extension” to install X-VPN onto your Chrome browser.

You are all set now. Tap the connect button or choose a preferred server to connect.

Why do I need to install X-VPN on Google Chrome?
Here’s why you need to use one of the Chrome X-VPN extensions
A useful VPN browser extension will unlock geographic content, protect your connection, and hide your personal information from hackers and cybercriminals.

Many available VPN extensions are not secure. Some people even leak users’ private information without their knowledge. Therefore, it is essential to protect your connection with a trusted VPN browser extension. You should avoid using independent extensions and choose extensions published by reputable VPN providers. Separate options are at best agents that do not encrypt data, and worst of all, they may be malicious programs intended to collect your personal information.

X-VPN enjoys a good reputation in the industry. It is trusted by 50 million users. Technically speaking, X-VPN has 8000+ servers around the globe. It can easily replace your IP address with a public one in its server location, meeting the needs of users.

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