What is Black Hat hackers? Can X-VPN protect us from hacker attacks?

What is Black Hat hackers? Can X-VPN protect us from hacker attacks?

What is Black Hat hackers?

Black hats hackers use their tech skills for various illegal and sometimes criminal activities. Hacker attacks often refer to online criminal events, including website invasion, implanting Trojan horses, promoting traffic to advertisers, stealing valuable account information such as Facebook.

Some hackers even cracked the manufacturer’s core database, extorted or sold stolen data online. Information about high commercial value is also the focus of black hat attacks, such as a company’s core code, financial information, and accumulated a vast amount of user data. This behavior often disrupts the order of the entire market or leaks the privacy of others, even though this is the result of technology.

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How do hackers attack our computers?

1.Crack encryption verification

It refers to using some software to unlock passwords/ keys that have been obtained but encrypted by others. But in many cases, these encryption verification methods will be skipped.

2. Trojan horse program

Programs that can be controlled by external users to steal local information or control through this software.

3. Network monitoring

After a hacker logs in to a network host and obtains superuser privileges, if he wants to log in to another host, he can effectively intercept the data on the network using network monitoring.

4.E-mail technology
Sending a large number of emails to one or more mailboxes, causing network traffic to take up processor time and consume system resources, thereby paralyzing the system.

5.Virus technology
A set of computer instructions or program code inserted by a compiler into a computer program that destroys computer functions or destroys data affects the use of the computer and is capable of self-replication. Viruses come to the equipment you use. They can be hidden in email attachments, directly passed in using network protocol vulnerabilities, hidden in web pages, or hidden in third-party applications.

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How to prevent their invasion?

At the current technological level, no internet system is perfect. The solution for most security systems is to increase the time and technical cost of hacking to force attackers to give up.

So is VPN vulnerable to hacking?

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By encrypting data and using a private DNS server, a VPN is one of the most effective means of maintaining online privacy. However, it is essential to note that anything can be hacked. But hacking a client’s computer using a VPN takes a lot of time, effort, and money. If the value of cracking a user’s computer is not great, hackers are rarely willing to spend a lot of money to break a laptop with a VPN.

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Hacking a VPN connection involves one of two strategies. Hackers can crack encryption through known vulnerabilities or steal keys in the wrong ways. Hackers and cryptanalysts use cryptographic attacks to recover plain text from an encrypted version without a key.

However, cracking encryption is computationally demanding and time-consuming. It can take years to break the encryption to use a powerful computer. Taking X-VPN as an example, X-VPN can protect your sensitive and private information and secure your internet data with 256-bit encryption.

It provides bank-grade multi-layered encryption technology to protect your network security. X-VPN also has choices of 9 types of security tunnels to protect your network security in all aspects.

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