X-VPN, Your must-have APP for Streaming!

X-VPN, Your must-have APP for Streaming!

Recently, Netflix officially announced the ten most-watched episodes in the United States in 2019. They are:

1.Stranger Things Season 3 (2019)

2.The Witcher Season 1 (2019)

3. The Umbrella Academy Season 1 (2019)

4. Dead to Me Season 1 (2019)

5. You Season 2 (2019)

6. When They See Us (2019)

7. Unbelievable (2019)

8.Sex Education

9.13 Reasons Why Season 3 (2019)

10. Raising Dion

You must be very familiar with these TV shows.
These TV series have novel themes and complete story structures, which bring a lot of fun to the audience.

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A few days ago, news came from the United States that streaming video company “Netflix” surpassed Disney and became the most extensive media company.

However, due to geographical restrictions and other reasons, viewers in many regions cannot access Netflix. Some of the above TV shows can only be watched on Netflix.

So, how can we break through geographical restrictions and watch TV programs through Netflix?

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X-VPN teaches you a few tips:

1.Use a VPN that provides a large number of IP addresses and servers in different geographical locations.

Some VPNs have a vast number of available IP addresses, which makes it almost impossible for Netflix to detect that users are using VPNs to access their websites.

Because this network traffic comes from many different IPs and regions, it isn’t elementary for Netflix to track which ones originate from VPNs.

Moreover, most of these IP addresses belong to the different areas, which makes Netflix’s detection system more complicated.

Take X-VPN as an example; it can set your virtual location anywhere in the world. It has 8000+ servers around the globe and can replace your IP address with a public one in our server location.

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2.Switch the protocol used by the VPN.

Most good VPNs provide a variety of network protocols for you to choose from. Some of these protocols are more secure and more protective, such as OpenVPN; others are outdated and less secure, such as PPTP, L2TP / IPsec.

At present, OpenVPN is the most popular protocol and is widely used by many VPNs, which makes it the most obvious target of the Netflix detection system. Although through some VPNs, you can still use the OpenVPN protocol to access Netflix content, it is better to use other lesser-known or less-used protocols.

Therefore, the best option is to choose a VPN that provides PPTP, L2TP / IPsec, SSH, SSL / TLS, SSTP, or IKEv2 / IPsec protocols, although most people do not recommend these protocols. Because of their perform worse than OpenVPN. However, this type of contract works very well in bypassing the restrictions on flying.

3.Choose a VPN that can provide users with traffic.

X-VPN has a faster and more stable connection. And it gives the users unlimited bandwidth. It is worth mentioning that the exceptional reconnection performance of X-VPN. It can automatically reconnect when the network is disconnected, without affecting your Internet experience at all.

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X-VPN has two specialized servers for streaming, avoiding congestion caused by a large number of users choosing the same server, thereby ensuring a better viewing experience for users.

In 2019, X-VPN has been updating its version to meet the different needs of users as much as possible. In 2020, we will continue to improve our performance and become the favorite VPN for global users!

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