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It is a Korean film rating and recommendation app,it is a Korean OTT service,this service opened on Jan 31,2016 and launched the app in May.

The service, called Watcha Play, aim to his biggest competitor, Netflix. 

Existing Watcha users and those who have pre-registered for the service only have to pay an initial fee of 100 won. It costs 4,900 won ($4.07) monthly, about a third cheaper than Netflix subscription fees which range between $7.99 and $11.99 a month.

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There is no doubt that Watcha provides wide content to enjoy movies, dramas. Only one click is needed to link to animations, entertainment, and all documentaries. Watcha Play has secured 4,500 films and 1,500 dramas. About two-thirds of them are foreign content. The variety of content in Korean as well as a few foreign languages.

The service is available on the official website both on Windows and Mac (www.watchaplay.net),it has an advantage about you do not need to install other programs separately when using the website to watch. And the smartphone app is also availaible for iOS and Android devices.

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