Some recent FAQ about X-VPN

Some recent FAQ about X-VPN

We have compiled some recent questions about X-VPN from our users, as well as the related answers. You will know better about X-VPN through this article.

1. How to use X-VPN for PS4?

Some of our users subscribe to X-VPN for a better game experience. So search words like‘ X-VPN for Ps4’, ‘How to change the server’ show a lot. So does X-VPN support PS4?

The answer is Yes. And X-VPN even has some special servers for game lovers. You can change your IP easily through X-VPN’s IP pool. 

Details about steps to use X-VPN on Ps4, please check this article

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2. Can I access Netflix with X-VPN?

Yes! X-VPN sets related servers for streaming. And it is available for  Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc.

Just download X-VPN and choose the country whose Netflix library you want to access, US for example, for which we have dedicated US-Netflix server and subscription

More detail about how to use X-VPN for streaming. Please click here.

3. Is X-VPN free to use? 

The answer is also Yes. We are offering one free location called “The Fastest server” option, it will automatically pick the best route & server per your network.

You may also purchase our premium service to get instant access to all servers. If you are new to X-VPN and want to have a try first, please check our free server.

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4. Is X-VPN an anti-virus/malware application?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. VPN is not necessarily an anti-virus/malware program.

While X-VPN prevents the malicious scripting injection from local internet service providers or hackers in the same network, it cannot protect your device to the virus/malware if they are already being downloaded & stored.

You should always adopt the proven practice for anti-virus/malware purposes.

5. I found some connection bugs, where should I report to?

Firstly, thanks for the feedback! Please send us the connection issue and your social media contact information through live chat or email

And We will contact you through social media. Then we may send you test versions, by the way, it will be helpful if you have a laptop.

You will be paid $20/hour during the test. If we solve one issue because of your help, like network analysis or remote connect, there will be a prize of $10-1000 extra.

If you have any other questions about X-VPN. Please comment on this article. We will reply as soon as possible.

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